‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Drops Bombshell About Her Health

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Duck Dynasty star Jessica Robertson is one of the most beloved members of the Robertson clan. Married to the family’s youngest son Jase, it often seems like Jessica lives a charmed life.

However, she has just revealed that that was not always the case.

In a bombshell new interview with ET, Jessica opened up about her secret past that even her own children didn’t know about. According to Q Political, Jessica married a young pastor when she was only 18 years-old, and the marriage went downhill fast.

Not only was her first marriage falling apart, but Jessica was also struggling with an eating disorder she developed around the time she met her pastor husband.

“I think a lot of girls struggle with that,” she said. “I wouldn’t eat anything with fat in it. I would go as far as getting powdered skim milk because it had fat in it.”

“Not that I was depressed all the time but I just was unhappy,” Jessica continued. “And so leaving the marriage was my choice — the blame was totally on me but yeah after that I just felt kind of hopeless.”

“I reached out to the friends I went to high school with and they were heavily into the college scene and partying and drinking and sleeping around,” she said. “So I started hanging out with them and I fell right into that lifestyle too.”

“I fell flat on my face before searching for Jesus,” Jessica concluded, eluding to when her life changed forever.

Now, Jessica has turned her life around, and she lives a Christian life with Jase and their four children.


“The kids actually did not know that I was married before — and it’s something that we were going to share later on when they were a little more mature,” Jessica said. “But I really felt like this was an opportunity to share with the world some of the struggles that I went through with that, and coming out through the grace of God. You know, coming out the other side, and meeting Jep, and turning my life around.”

God bless you, Jessica!

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