Thug Tries To KILL Patriotic Biker During Charity Event – HUGE Mistake

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This week, a group of veterans and patriotic citizens came together for a group ride to support Project 22, which raises awareness of the 22 veterans’ suicides that happen every day in America.

Unfortunately, one clearly liberal driver didn’t have the patience or respect to let them pass without problems. Sadly for him, the group were accompanied by a police escort, and he ended up learning a BIG lesson about how to treat our nation’s veterans.

According to Mad World News, the video opens with the bikers stopped at a red light as they patiently wait their turn to go through the intersection. Suddenly, a silver jeep is seen trying to pass them on the right, which is both very unsafe and uncourteous. Two of the bikers then break off to stop the jeep so that their comrades can safely pass, but the liberal driver didn’t stop there…

The jeep is seen backing up and trying to pass the bike directly in front of him. When the biker speeds up next to the jeep, the liberal suddenly swerves at him. Had contact been made, the biker easily could have been killed.

As soon as the jeep swerved at the biker, the motorcycle cop escorting the bikers stepped in and pulled the liberal over. That’s where the video ends, and we can only hope that the jeep driver was arrested for what he did to these veterans.

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