University Of Missouri Protesters Mad At Paris For Overshadowing Them

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If they weren’t so vicious, it would be easy to feel sorry for the students acting out their pathologies at America’s college campuses. These are young people who were promised, not the world, but the world of emotions. How incredibly unfair that a little ISIS massacre in Paris should knock them off the front page. It’s always painful when reality intrudes on the dream.

Both parents and teachers told the current college generation from kindergarten on up that each person is special, that everyone is the best, that there are no losers, and that each child’s feelings must always be protected. The middle class black students who populate America’s universities were told one other thing: That America is a deeply racist country that will always try to oppress them, and that they should therefore ignore high achieving black people across America’s political and social spectrum.

At college, the faculty and administration doubled down on the promise not to hurt these immature emotional marshmallows. Sadly, though, three reasons ensure that these are promises that cannot be kept – with two of these reasons being problems of the universities’ own making:

First, at schools with student populations ranging from about 6,000 (Dartmouth), to 12,000 (Yale), to 35,000 (University of Missouri), there will inevitably be someone who’s going to say something objectively insulting, whether intentionally or not.

Second, all students but for white males are instructed in class that they are constantly victims of microaggressions aimed at their race, sexual orientation, sex, abilities, etc. They are being trained to look for insults and, while they may have no idea when the Civil War took place, they can spot any microaggression no matter how small or unintentional.

Third, affirmative action means that minority students who did well at high school may have found themselves in an environment that’s out of their league. They therefore cannot thrive, which these fragile flowers know cannot possible be their fault.

Given these conditions, an explosion – or, more accurately, a temper tantrum – was inevitable. And that temper tantrum is precisely what we’ve seen played out at one American college after another, with the Black Lives Matter movement leading the charge. For these young adults with the emotional maturity of toddlers, it’s exciting to go around yelling slogans, carrying signs, and even getting right into people’s faces and swearing at them and threatening them.

But what happens when there’s no one left to watch your exciting tantrum in action? Well, then you get things like this:

BLM protesters made that Parisian lives matter (1)

BLM protesters made that Parisian lives matter (6)

BLM protesters made that Parisian lives matter (5)

BLM protesters made that Parisian lives matter (4)

BLM protesters made that Parisian lives matter (3)

BLM protesters made that Parisian lives matter (2)

Just as an aside, once you absorb the mindset that only your kind of lives matter, you’re entering into a form of tribalism that is completely inconsistent with life in a free democratic republic. It is to be hoped that employers decide not to hire liberal arts majors from American universities. Once parents realize their little darlings are unemployable, the money train driving hard Left academia may finally run off the tracks.

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