Non-Nonsense Harvard Professor Sends BRUTAL Message To Race-Baiting Student Protesters

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Liberal college students all over the country have been garnering headlines for their race-baiting protests, and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz has had ENOUGH!

In an awesomely blunt interview with Business Insider, Dershowitz called the student protesters “hypocrites” and argued that “the last thing these students want is diversity.”

“They may want superficial diversity, because for them diversity is a code word for ‘more of us,’” he said, according to The Blaze. “They don’t want more conservatives, they don’t want more white students, they don’t want more heterosexuals.”

Dershowitz went on to single out the student protesters at Yale, who he says were particularly “hypocritical” when they spit on their peers who were attending a free speech event.

“I think the most important thing to point out is the double standard and the hypocrisy,” Dershowitz continued. “These are students who want safe spaces for themselves but not for others. They’re prepared to spit on people going out of lectures.”

Dershowitz, who is Jewish, also claimed that these student protesters who claim to be the victims of racial injustices are the very same ones who have committed anti-Semitic acts against HIM. When he spoke at City University of New York, race-baiting students screamed, “Zionists out of CUNY!” During a speaking engagement at John Hopkins University, Dershowitz was met by a photo of himself defaced with an Adolph Hitler mustache.

“These students don’t want me to be safe,” he concluded. “They don’t want students who agree with me to be safe. They just want their ideas to be safe and protected from any contrary point of view.”

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