Florida Woman Assaults Ex-Husband In Fight Over SEX POSITION

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A Florida woman’s sexcapade in a car took a sudden turn for the worse last Saturday when she got in a fight with her ex-husband over what sex position to be in.

Wendy Luper, 45, went to a storage unit with her ex-husband Michael Vaccaro last Saturday afternoon to grab a few things. While there, she began undressing and asked Vaccaro if he wanted to have sex.

According to New York Daily News, he said yes and asked Luper to lie down, and that’s when things got messy…Luper, who works as a housekeeper, refused to have sex on her back and scolded her ex-husband for not wanting to try any other position. They began arguing, and Vaccaro eventually walked away.

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When he returned, Luper told him to get his stuff out of her car and then threw an object at his forehead, cutting it open. As he fell backwards from the blow, Luper told him to “f— off.” She then ran over his right foot while he was halfway in her car.

When police arrived on the scene, Luper denied the assault and told the cops that Vaccaro had wanted to have sex with her. She was married to Vaccaro for 12 years before their divorce, but they reunited six months ago. It hasn’t been very pretty since then, however, as Luper was arrested in August for punching her ex in the face, neck, and arm after he refused to do laundry.

Luper was arrested for this incident and charged with domestic battery. She has since been released on $750 bond and is due to appear in court again on December 17.

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