BOOM: Sarah Palin Finally Breaks Her Silence… And What She Says? WOW


November 17, 2015 2:32pm PST

Former Alaska Governor appeared on Fox & Friends today to drop a bombshell about her feelings about Obama.

According to Whistle Blower, Palin said that at this point she almost feels sorry for Obama after he tried to defend his plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into this country. She was referring to comments Obama made at the G20 summit in Turkey yesterday when he promised that the “refugees” will have to undergo “rigorous screening and security checks.”

Palin told Fox that Obama’s comments show his “naivete” since “there is no process to vet” Muslim refugees coming to America. She also accused the president of trying to usurp the authority of governors, “who are our last line of defense.” At this time, the governors of 27 states have come together to defy Obama by restricting or halting his refugee resettlement program.

“It is our Republican governors who are so strong on this and so correct when it comes to whose authority actually it is to make sure the people they’re serving are safe,” Palin said.

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