Black Lives Matter Bullies Attack Students At Dartmouth (Language Alert)

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It’s been fascinating to watch the student protests unfolding at America’s colleges and universities. Although the protests seem to hark back to the 1960s campus protests, they couldn’t be more different. Protesters in the 1960s demanded free speech; protesters today demand censorship. Protesters in the 1960s demanded full civil rights for American blacks; protesters today demand that whites erase themselves entirely from academia. Protesters in the 1960s were met with disbelief from many faculty members and administrators; protesters today see both bow down before or join in with the protests.

There are some differences, of course, one of which was the fact that protesters in the past limited their attacks on fellow students to returned Vietnam vets. The Black Lives Matter crowd, though, views all whites as the enemy, as was vividly demonstrated at Dartmouth this past Thursday, November 12. About 150 Black Lives Protesters invaded one of the campuses main libraries, hurling obscenities at and physically assaulting the students studying there.

The nature of the insults hurled makes clear what the studying students’ sin was – they were white:

“Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!”

“Fuck you and your comfort!”

“Fuck you, you racist shit!”

Those who tried to protest against or ignore the verbal assault were told to “Stand the fuck up” or were told that they were “filthy racist white piece[s] of shit.” Students who attempted to leave the area or to bar the protesters were shoved against the wall and subject to further abuse. Protesters slapped and spat upon at least one woman present in the library.

Upon hearing about the abuse and assault, Dartmouth’s administration reacted immediately, identifying the protesters and summarily expelling them from the university.

Hah! Just kidding.

In fact, the university engaged in a complete cover up, denying that anything bad happened and, instead, placing the blame on conservatives. According to the November 17th edition of The Dartmouth, the official student newspaper, “The College described the events as a “peaceful meeting” that transitioned to a “’political protest.’” Moreover, the vice profit for student affairs, Inge-Lise Ameer, knew where to place the blame for what she clearly considered were lies: “’There’s a whole conservative world out there that’s not being very nice,’” Ameer said.”

In fact, it appears that the Black Lives Matter crowd was the “not very nice” group of people. Although only one student who was in the library when the protesters descended filed a complaint for physical violence, witness statements make it clear that the group was verbally abusive. Indeed, the same November 17 article in The Dartmouth states that “Several students interviewed by The Dartmouth reported witnessing chants including expletives, such as ‘F**k your white privilege’ and ‘F**k your comfort.’”

Rather than denying this charge, Dartmouth’s NAACP president, Jonathan Diakanwa (class of 2016) admitted that the protesters hurled these racist insults, but claimed that they did so, not to attack the people in the library, but to make a general point about white privilege. No, really. That’s what he said:

Comments such as “F*** your white privilege” were not personal or racist attacks on individual white persons in the library, Diakanwa said. Instead, these comments were meant to target the legacy of white supremacy that many students have benefited from and students of color are fighting against, he said.

One hopes that the beleaguered white students, assaulted by fellow students and ignored or lied to by Dartmouth administrators, are beginning to wonder what benefit exactly they’re getting for the $50,000 a year they spent for the privilege of attending this once decent institution.

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