BREAKING: This State Is Refusing To Let ‘White People’ Vote In This Election

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A federal judge has just allowed the state of Hawaii to move forward with an election that is only allowing people of a certain race to vote.

According to Daily Signal, federal district court Judge J. Michael Seabrigh has refused to issue an injunction in Hawaii to set up a separate government that excludes anyone from participating who does not fit the state’s definition of a “native Hawaiian.” This decision in Akina v. State of Hawaii is currently on an emergency appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, but voting has already begun.

The election is meant to select candidates for an election that will make “governance documents” for a Native Hawaiian government. Registration to vote has been restricted to “Native Hawaiians,” which is defined as those whose ancestors were living on the islands before 1778. Even among these people voting is restricted only to those who will confirm a statement that affirms “the unrelinquished sovereignty of the Native Hawaiian people.”

Voting started on November 1 and will run until the end of the month.

This ruling is particularly dangerous, as in today’s race-baiting society, it can create a VERY slippery slope. Before we know it, Obama and his minions could start holding election that will only allow minorities to vote, robbing whites of any power as punishment for slavery.

While this may sound ridiculous, it appears that it’s much closer to happening than we thought…

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