Eighth Grade Thugs Stab Woman To Death At Car Wash – What They Do Next Is Even Worse

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On November 1, two teenage boys stabbed a disabled mother of one to death as she cleaned her car in Kansas City. Afterwards, the eighth graders did something truly chilling…

According to Daily Mail, 43 year-old Tanya Chamberlain was vacuuming the inside of her car at around 1:15 am when she was attacked and stabbed to death with a pocket knife by assailants who were aged 13 or 14. CCTV footage shows the suspects approaching her car at 1:51 am before climbing inside at 1:57am as she sits in the front seat.

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The footage cut off two minutes later to reboot for daylight savings time, and when it returns, Chamberlain and her car are gone. Twenty minutes later, police saw Chamberlain’s car swerving around the road, so they pulled it over. When the vehicle stopped, however, the two teens jumped out and ran.

The officer chased the boys but quickly lost them, and when he returned to Chamberlain’s vehicle, he came upon a horrifying sight. The mother’s bloody body had been propped up in the front seat as her murderers took her car on a joy ride. Chamberlain, who suffered from a mental disability, was stabbed in the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

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The boys were caught after police released surveillance video of them and they were quickly identified by friends. They have been arrested and charged with first degree murder as juveniles, which is why their identities are being kept secret.

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