What These Mizzou Race-Baiters Did After The Paris Terrorist Attacks Will Make You SICK

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The radical race-baiting protesters at Mizzou are really angry about the Paris terrorist attacks, but not for the reasons everyone else is…

No, these protesters are not mad about the 129 people who lost their lives to Muslim terrorists. Instead, the Mizzou protesters are pissed because the Paris terrorist attacks have taken attention away from their little “movement” and reminded the world that there are REAL problems that need to be dealt with.

In response to the terror attacks, Mizzou protesters did something that was vile even for them, launching perhaps the most disgusting hashtag campaign ever. According to Right Wing News, they launched the hashtag #FuckParis.

If you don’t believe us, here are some of the shameful tweets that proves it.





We didn’t think race-baiters could sink any lower, but they just did!

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