BREAKING: Police Officer Is Shot In Baltimore – He Needs Prayers

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A few months ago, Obama turned on American police officers when he blamed them for the violent race riots spreading throughout the country, instead of the race-baiting protesters themselves.

Since then, the number of attacks on U.S. cops has dramatically increased as thugs now feel that it is ok to attack police officers because “the president said they could.”


On Wednesday night, a Baltimore police officer was shot during a shootout in the northwest part of the city. According to the Baltimore Sun, the officer is a five year veteran of the department, and he was shot in the leg.

It all started at around 7:45 pm that night when officers were driving down the 3700 block of Oakmont Ave and saw a 32 year-old thug holding a gun. When they confronted him, the man opened fire and shot the officer before he was shot dead himself.

“We have officers that are dedicated to addressing the crime that we’re seeing in our community daily, and these officers were a part of that team going after people — like this suspect — who have guns, that are on the street trying to harm communities,” said Police spokesman T.J. Smith. “This suspect produced that weapon and that’s what led to this incident.”

“First and foremost, we want to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers,” Smith added.

Both Commissioner Kevin Davis and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake later went to the hospital to check up on the wounded officer.

“Anytime you hear about a police officer being shot from this leadership position, it just makes your heart drop to your stomach,” Davis said. “Thankfully, he’s going to be OK.”

Davis added that the officer’s “spirits are really high and he’s surrounded by his squad” at the hospital. He also said that he is “proud of the work” the officers have been doing in the neighborhood where the cop was shot.

“They’re out here doing some of the toughest police work we do,” he said. “They’re out here engaging people who we know are harming our community.”

Of course, the mainstream media has been ignoring this story because it does not fit their anti-police agenda. SHARE if you think our nation’s police officers deserve RESPECT!

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