As If Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse, U. of Missouri Just Announced THIS

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Yesterday, we reported on the ridiculous protests at the University of Missouri, where the school’s president was forced to resign by his race-baiting students. Now, they have named his replacement, and SHOCKER: he’s a black man.

According to USA Today, black law professor and deputy chancellor emeritus Michael Middleton was selected to serve as the interim president of the school. Middleton had retired from the University of Missouri in August after 30 years with the institution, but now he’s back and he’s ready to race-bait!


“We all must heighten our focus, improve our culture and climate across all of our campuses and share the responsibility to see our university advance in healthy ways built  upon respect for others,” Middleton said.

The liberal students at the school are overjoyed with this development.

“We are excited for the new leadership under Interim President Middleton!” tweeted Concerned Student 1950, an advocacy group named after the year the school admitted its first black student.

It’s sickening that in today’s society, young liberal race-baiters are being taught that they can get exactly what they want if they scream loud enough and bully enough people…

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