BREAKING: Sign Of Christ’s Return Appears In Sky – This Is A MIRACLE

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Amazing new photos of the sky are getting Christians everywhere excited that Jesus Christ might be about to return…

According to Q Political, proud Missourian Beckie Bone Dunning was on vacation in Jamaica when she looked to the sky to watch a brewing storm. As she turned her eye towards the heavens, something unbelievable caught her eye and she quickly snapped a photo.


Beckie then posted the photo to the Weather Channel’s Facebook Page looking for an explanation. Minutes later, she got the following response from meteorologist Nick Wiltgen:

“…the effect is produced by a phenomenon known as iridescence. This is caused when light is diffracted by water droplets and ice particles, causing the various wavelengths – each of which is detected by the human eye as a different color – to spread out.”

The photo has since gone viral, with many saying that it is a heavenly phenomenon that suggests Jesus Christ is about to return to Earth. We can only hope this is true, because we need Jesus now more than ever!

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