Outrage After Jennifer Lawrence Says THIS About Conservatives

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Jennifer Lawrence may currently be Hollywood’s golden girl, but we will no longer be supporting her…

Lawrence just turned on the Republican party that she was raised in so that she could look “cool” for her liberal friends in Hollywood.

“I was raised a Republican,” Lawrence said, according to Daily Caller. “But I just can’t imagine supporting a party that doesn’t support women’s basic rights.”

“It’s 2015 and gay people can get married and we think that we’ve come so far, so, yay! But have we? I don’t want to stay quiet about that stuff,” she added. “My view on the election is pretty cut-and-dried: If Donald Trump is president of the United States, it will be the end of the world. And he’s also the best thing to happen to the Democrats ever.”

She went on to slam Christian Republicans, especially those in her home state of Kentucky.

“All those people holding their crucifixes, which may as well be pitchforks, thinking they’re fighting the good fight,” she concluded. “I grew up in Kentucky. I know how they are.”

Lawrence may think that what she’s saying is “groundbreaking,” but in reality she couldn’t be more cliche. Shame on her for turning on her family and fellow Republicans just to look cool in Hollywood.

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