Trump’s Sons Drop Bombshell – We Had No Idea They Were Doing This…

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If you’ve been wondering how GOP frontrunner is running his business empire while also launching his presidential campaign, now you have your answer!

During an appearance on Morning Joe on Wednesday morning, Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric confirmed that they have been running the empire while their father is away.

“You know, he’s got a great life, he’s got a great job, but I think it’s great that he perhaps trusts us to run the business,” Donald Trump Jr. said, according to Daily Mail. “Just because this is something that’s taking 100 percent of his time right now and it’s really important for him to see the country get back on track.”

The boys went on to talk about the amazing thing their father would do should he become president.

“He’d be the greatest infrastructure president,” said the 31-year-old Eric, the youngest of Trump’s three kids with his first wife Ivana. “He would be the greatest, greatest builder for this country and, quite frankly, a rebuilder of this country.”

37 year-old Donald Jr. added that his dad would run circles around the politicians in Washington D.C.

“You have people making deals who have never made other deals, ever in their lives, and these are the deals that our kids and their kids behind them are going to have to live with, forever,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

The oldest Trump son went on to say that his father is running because he is “fed up” with the way our country is currently doing business.

“He’s fed up with the waste, the inefficiency and, frankly, the stupidity that’s out there,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

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