Race-Baiting Protester Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable

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Racial protests heated up at the University of Missouri on Monday, but not everyone in the protest were students…

Video footage shows journalist Tim Tai get confronted by a group of angry liberal students, who told him to leave. Tai, however, stood his ground, reminding the students that the First Amendment guarantees him the right to be there. The liberals are having none of this, however, and they begin chanting at him to leave their “space.”

The people chanting at Tai may look like students, but shockingly enough, some of them have been identified as members of the school’s administration. According to IJ Review, the blonde woman in the photo below is Assistant Director for Greek Life & Leadership Janna Basle.


The woman in the screenshot below has also been identified as Assistant Professor of Mass Media Melissa Click.


It ended up being Professor Click who launched a brutal attack on Tai.

“You need to get out, you need to get out,” Melissa Click demanded of Tai. “You need to get out,” she continued as she tried to grab the camera out of the videographer’s hands.

“I actually don’t,” the journalist told Click.

“Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here,” the media professor then hysterically exclaimed to the assembled mob. “I need some muscle over here!”

Twitter has expressed horror at Click and Basler’s behavior, and their colleague Katherine Reed took to the social media site to call them out.

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It’s sickening that a college professor sank to the level of ignorant liberal students in such a shameful way…SHARE this story if you think these women should be FIRED!

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