Ivanka Trump Raises Eyebrows By Doing THIS in Public


November 10, 2015 7:16am PST

It may be her dad who is running for president, but that doesn’t mean that Ivanka Trump is immune from attacks from liberals.

According to Daily Mail, the heavily pregnant 34 year-old heiress made an appearance at the Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards on Monday night, and it didn’t take long for liberals to grab their pitchforks.


This morning, liberals are attacking Ivanka for “partying” this late in her pregnancy, but these criticisms are completely ridiculous. Like her father, Ivanka is a “go-getter,” and she isn’t about to let a pregnancy slow her down! Women can still run around out in public right up until they give birth, so to criticize Ivanka for attending an event pregnant is borderline insulting to women everywhere.


Of course, if a pregnant Malia Obama attended an event days before her due date, liberals would give her a free pass. However, when the woman in question is a conservative, she’s fair game for attacks from the mainstream media.

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!


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