Gun-Wielding Thug Tries To Steal Texans’ Car – Gets A HUGE Surprise

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Chilling dashcam footage shows a patriot in Houston, Texas outwit an armed thug who is trying to carjack him.

Turn the volume all the way up on this one to hear what’s going on. The man behind the wheel later included a transcript of what went down when he posted the video on Liveleak:

Would-be carjacker slams hand against driver side window, and is pointing gun at my head.

Me: Uh? Okay. Okay.
Would-be carjacker: Put the car in park. Put it in park hurry up. Get out.
Me: Okay. Okay.

Would-be carjacker yells to his friend on passenger side to get in. Then he accidently hit the magazine release on his gun. You can hear it hitting the pavement. While he is scrambling to get his magazine I jump back into my car.

Would-be carjacker: I swear to god I will beat your bitch ass. There’s still one in there. Fuck! There’s still one in there bitch.
Would be car jacker still messing with his gun. I am trying to get my car in drive.

Would-be carjacker: Bitch I will knock your bitch ass out if you don’t get out of this car right now. Get the fuck out of my car.
I floor it out of there.

Me: Deep breath.

This guy sure is lucky to have escaped with his life!

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