Liberals LIVID Over This Painting In Ben Carson’s Home – ‘I Don’t Have To Be Politically Correct Here’

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Liberals have grabbed their pitchforks and gone after Dr. Ben Carson in the last week, and now they’ve found something in his home that has them outraged.

According to Conservative Tribune, the GOP candidate has a painting of himself sitting next to a smiling Jesus Christ. The portrait hangs next to a quote from the Bible that reads, “By Humility And The Fear Of The Lord Are Riches, Honor and Life.”


The painting has been hanging in Carson’s Maryland home since at least 2009, when the house was profiled in the Baltimore Magazine. The home also reportedly has numerous biblical references and scriptures all over the house.

“We are very spiritual people, so you will see a lot of Bibles around the house and things that are indicative of that,” Carson told the magazine. He went on to brush off any criticism his house might get from liberals.

“I don’t have to be politically correct here,” Carson concluded.

We applaud Carson for not being afraid to be open about his spirituality. God Bless you, Ben!

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