BREAKING: Obama Unveils Horrifying ‘Pro-Criminal’ Agenda – Every American Needs To See This

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A few weeks ago, President Obama implemented a criminal justice reforms in which 6,000 felons convicted of serious drug crimes were released early.

It turns out this was only the beginning of Obama’s pro-criminal agenda…

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama has now done away with all federal employers’ ability to ask prospective employees if they have a criminal past. Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu told reporters that this move constituted “the largest prison break in U.S. history.”

In a terrifying twist, future prison releases have already been planned.

“(W)When we release large numbers of criminals early, we know that a substantial number of those individuals will commit murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, and other violent crimes that would have been prevented had they remained in prison,” Sen. Jeff Sessions added.

Obama tried to defend his sickening actions by saying that he wants to be a president for ALL people, including violent criminals. He added that he hopes the next president will be “just as concerned as I am because this is part of what it means to perfect our union.”

It’s disgusting that Obama is putting honest, hardworking Americans at risk by releasing violent criminals back onto the streets. Shame on you, Mr. President!

What do you think about Obama’s latest agenda? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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