What This Service Dog Did At His Veteran Owner’s Funeral Will Break Your Heart

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For over 25 years, Gulf War veteran Wade Baker had been battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His long battle came to an end this summer, when he effectively committed suicide by firing at police officers during a standoff. He was then shot nine times and succumbed to his wounds.

For the last five years of his life, Baker was helped by a service dog named Honor, who did everything he could to save his master’s life.

“I was having a nightmare, a flashback,” Baker once told a reporter, according to the Associated Press. “And I woke up with Honor standing on my chest, licking my face. He was stopping the nightmare for me.”


After Baker’s death, Honor was found unharmed in his trailer. His family believe that the veteran left him behind so that he wouldn’t get hurt or try to stop him. During Baker’s funeral, Honor tried to jump into his owner’s casket, showing that he is feeling grief just as much as anyone.

Now, however, Honor has found some new people to help: Baker’s family.

“He’s the last connection that the boys have with their father,” Baker’s wife Michelle said. “And I’m sure if we gave the dog the choice, he’d prefer not to be uprooted.”

“Honor gave the boys their dad for more years,” she continued, tears rolling down her cheeks. “And that’s an amazing gift.”

Honor is now helping the Baker family get through their unimaginable grief. The loyal service dog is still serving his master, even after his death.

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