BREAKING: Conservative Reporter Assaulted By Black Lives Matter Protesters On Camera


November 6, 2015 9:37am PST

Last night, Black Lives Matter protesters were back in Ferguson, Missouri, where they marched as part of the International Million Mask March movement.

Conservative Progressives Today reporter Adam Sharp was covering the march, and things quickly went VERY bad for him.

Video footage shows the race-baiting protesters carrying American flags upside down and chanting, “Police, stick it up your a**!” According to The Gateway Pundit, the protesters then turned on Sharp…

One protester approached the reporter and ordered him to stop recording them.


“You have to go. Stop recording us,” the protester said. “I’m asking you nicely. I asked you nicely. Cut that recorder off. If I ask a third time I’m going to smack you. And I’m not playing.”

When Sharp hesitated, the protesters attacked him, slapping the reporter and knocking his camera out of his hands. Sharp suffered a series of injuries, and he has since filed a police report.

Unfortunately for the protesters, the entire assault was caught on camera, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught and brought to justice!

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