This Woman Was Tired Of Her Husband Cheating, So She Did THIS

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When this 35 year-old woman found out her husband was cheating on her, she took action.

Amanda Chatel found out her French husband was cheating on her with a younger woman, so she carefully designed an intricate revenge plot to give her husband exactly what he deserved.

“I took to Google to see if I could send a big chunk of s*** to my husband,” Chatel said, describing her goal.

According to American Overlook, she went to a website called S*** Express that will send anyone in the United States a box of horse excrement for only $16.95. No, we aren’t kidding!


“Before I took to Google, I briefly considered boxing up my own s***,” Chatel wrote in an essay. “Yes, I know that puts me in the “crazy” category… You get cheated on by your husband, then receive a poem from his 20-year-old girlfriend and we can talk about it.”

Thankfully, Chatel didn’t actually need to come in contact with the excrement.

“I typed my credit card in, patted myself on the back, then cried, threw up, screamed and cried some more for the next few days,” Chatel wrote.


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