GRAPHIC: Woman Is STONED To Death By Muslims For Adultery

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A disturbing new video shows a young woman being stoned to death in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan after she eloped with a man.

According to Daily Mail, the girl has been identified only as Rokhsahana, and she is believed to be between 19 and 21 years of age. The footage shows her lying in a hole in the ground as 15 Muslim men throw stones at her. She can be heard screaming in agony as the stones hit her body, making loud “thud” noises.

The stoning took place on October 25 just outside of the city of Firozkoh.

“The footage shown in the media is related to Rokhsahana, who was stoned to death,” said Governor Seema Joyenda, who is one of two female governors in Afghanistan. She added that Rokhsahana’s family had married her off to another man against her will, and she was then caught eloping with a different man afterwards.

The man she was eloping with was let off with a simple lashing.

This incident highlights the REAL war on women, which is perpetrated by Muslims. Liberals love to defend Islam, but they have no idea what is coming should our country become Islamic. If they think Muslims will adopt their equal rights initiatives, they’ve got another thing coming!

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