Megyn Kelly Confronts Race-Baiter Who Called For ‘Open Season On Crackers’

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Earlier this week, Fox News host Megyn Kelly got into a VERY tense exchange with Latausha Nedd, the #BlackLivesMatter protester who was arrested a few weeks ago when footage of her waving a gun and calling for “open season on crackers” went viral.

According to Young Conservatives, Nedd claimed the video was stolen from a public chat and that she was merely defending herself, but Kelly wasn’t buying it.

“I don’t hate white people, if that’s what you’re asking me,” Nedd said. “I don’t hate white people. I hate injustice, and I hate corruption, and I feel that the systematic killing of black people has to be addressed.”

Nedd went on to say that she has often used the racial slur “cracker” in the past.

“The etymology of the word cracker comes from slavery when field slaves would notify each other when the overseer was coming,” Nedd continued. “The sound of the crack of the whip, that’s where it comes from. Now, if I’m being called a n****r, and no one seems to have a problem with that, when I use the word cracker, now I become a terrorist?”

“A lot of people who are watching this say if that happened, if somebody hacked into my Google chat and started saying nasty things about me, I would not respond by using the terms ‘cracker’ and ‘it’s open season’ and all the stuff we went through, pointing the gun at the camera, finger on the trigger,” Kelly retorted.

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