5th Grade Bully Launches Vicious Attack – Gets Taught A BRUTAL Lesson

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A few weeks ago, a young girl bully learned the hard way that there are consequences to all our actions in life.

Disturbing video footage shows a 12 year-old girl dragging another girl across a playground by her hair as she laughs hysterically. However, it was her victim who got her last laugh when the bully was arrested for felony assault after the footage went viral.

“Even though it happened on the weekend, after-hours, but they were our students. They happened on our school grounds,” said  Solon Haynes, director of student services at St. Joseph Schools, referring to why they chose to treat it as an assault. “It was affecting our schools. It was brought back into our schools, so we felt we needed to address that issue.”

“If a student is charged with some type of crime, such as assault or selling drugs or rape or something of that nature, then we can suspend students up to 180 days or expel them from school,” Haynes continued, according to Conservative Tribune.

The bully’s father, who lives in another state and does not have custody of his daughter, told reporters that he is withholding any judgements until he knows the facts.

“I know my child is 11 years old. I’ve seen an edited video posted. People are starting to text me and call me and all these other things, but I do hope the other little lady is OK, but until I hear from my daughter I can’t really know what is going on,” he said.

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