BREAKING: Obama’s Top Secret Migration Plan Is Exposed – This Will Destroy Our Country

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On Tuesday, it was revealed that the Obama administration has drawn up a bombshell new quasi-amnesty memo that will allow employers to quickly and cheaply secure work permits so they can hire millions of foreign graduates, who are willing to work for lower wages for Americans.

According to Breitbart, roughly 3 million guest-workers, students and migrants will immediately be eligible for work permits that will cost employers only $580 per hire. This work-permit handout will cost Americans big time, however, especially college students.

Around 800,000 Americans graduate from college every year with skilled degrees in a variety of fields, but many of them still cannot find jobs. This handout will force them to compete with even more people for jobs, and this time with foreign workers who are willing to work for very little money.

A disturbing memo reveals the REAL reason Obama is trying to let millions of foreign workers into the US. His administration is trying to keep as many illegals and foreign workers in this country as they can until they can become voters, at which point they will gratefully vote Democrat.

“The plan “might now support the macro-level policy goal of retaining these [foreign] individuals until they are ready and able to become [legal] immigrants,” the memo stated.

It’s sickening that Obama is looking out for foreigners more than his own people. Shame on you, Mr. President!

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