BREAKING: Obama And Hillary Considering ‘Civil War’ Over Gun Control

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Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has been on a mission to destroy the Second Amendment by banning guns in the U.S. Now, new reports have suggested that Obama is planning to team up with Hillary Clinton to start a civil war for gun confiscation.

According to Breitbart, this theory was presented by Daily Beast, who cited recent comments by both Clinton and Obama in which they called for Australian-style gun confiscation methods in coming to this conclusion. While the Daily Beast agreed that “confiscation on a massive scale” may be “the only way to solve American gun violence,” they also warned that it’s not realistic and that if it happens, a “civil war could erupt on American soil.”

Gun confiscation only worked in Australia because they never had a Second Amendment, so the government only had to take away 650,000 guns. This is WAY less than the 350 MILLION guns that are currently believed to be in America today.

Even more important than the number of guns is the sheer devotion Americans have to the weapon. Millions of Americans are willing to fight to the death for their constitutional right to bare arms, which is why this threat from Obama will likely lead to a deadly civil war.

“The prospect of confiscation—as much as it might, theoretically, reduce drastically or even eliminate gun crime altogether—is simply impossible in the United States,” the Daily Beast reported. They went on to mention the controversial comments Ben Carson made in which he said Jews could have prevented the Holocaust had they had guns. Though liberals slammed him for this, the Daily Beast wrote that Carson hit on something that “Second Amendment enthusiasts are fond of arguing,” namely, “that gun rights are enshrined in the Constitution not only for the sake of hunters or people who want to protect their homes and businesses from criminals, but also to allow the population to resist an overreaching government.”

“Clinton can joke all she likes about Americans fearing “black helicopters” taking their guns away, but it is no exaggeration to suggest that civil war could erupt on American soil were the U.S. government to attempt anything remotely resembling what was done in Australia,” The Daily Beast continued.

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