Robin Williams’ Widow Drops BOMBSHELL

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In the summer of 2014, the world was stunned when beloved comedic actor Robin Williams committed suicide. Now, his widow Susan Schneider is breaking her silence about the horrific final year of the actor’s life.

“You know, we were living a nightmare,” said Susan Schneider while appearing on Good Morning America, referring to the months after Williams was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease in November of 2013.


According to Daily Mail, Williams was found dead months later from hanging himself, and Schneider believes it was because of the Lewy body dementia that was taking over his mind. Schneider described a July 24, 2014 incident in which she was in the shower and realized her husband was standing by the bathroom sink. When she got out of the shower to check on him, she quickly knew that something was wrong.

“And something didn’t seem right. And I opened up the door and there was blood. This towel was so soaked with blood and he was just dabbing his head,” said  Schneider. “And I just screamed, ‘Robin, what happened? What did you do?’ And he pointed to the door and I said, “Did you hit your head?” And he nodded.”

Knowing now that he was suffering from dementia, the incident makes perfect sense to Schneider.

“And now, after a year of digging into what killed my husband, finding out all about Lewy body disease, lo and behold, one of the symptoms, their vision is affected. Spatially, depth, the ability to recognize, identify objects,” she explained. “And so now, over a year later I totally get it. I get it, honey. I totally get it. I don’t think he was trying to hit his head on the door. I know that’s right. And I know he was angry with himself and he was fed up with this and he was expressing anger.”

Schneider went on to say that the final weeks of Williams’ life were incredibly hard on him. A week before he died, doctors decided to check him in for testing, and his widow believes this played a major role in his suicide.

“I mean, there are many reasons. Believe me. I’ve thought about this. Of what was going on in his mind, what made him ultimately commit – you know, to do that act,” said Schneider. “And I think he was just saying, ‘No.’ And I don’t blame him one bit. I don’t blame him one bit.”


She also said that she never heard her husband discuss suicide that summer.

“I mean, he was sick and tired of what was going on, absolutely … and when he got the Parkinson’s diagnosis, you know, I mean, in one sense, it was like this is it,” she said. “This is what we’ve been – we’ve been chasing something, now we found it. And we felt the sense of release and relief. But also, like, ‘Oh, my god, what does this mean?'”

Schneider explained that her late husband was battling depression and severe anxiety.

“We’d be out at dinner, and if people were looking at him because people couldn’t help themselves. He would say, ‘Are they giving me the stink eye?'” Schneider revealed. “And 98 percent of the time, it was like, ‘No, they’re freaked out because you’re Robin Williams. And they don’t know what to do.'”

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