‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Korie Robertson Slams Obama – America Has ‘Turned Away From God’

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Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson dropped a truth bomb this week when she was asked about how Barack Obama has handled faith during his presidency.

“We’ve turned away from God. We’ve said to God, basically, ‘No thank you. I think we know better,’” said Robertson, author of the new book Strong and Kind. “And … it’s showing in the way that our young people are growing up and the respect that our young people have for authority, and the way that people are acting towards each other.”

Robertson went on to specifically slam Obama and other manipulative politicians like him.

“I think we’ve excused politicians for way too long,” she said, according to The Blaze. “We’ve not held them up to be people of character, people of good values, people we’d want our children to be.”

“Well, I don’t think they really have handled faith,” she added when she was asked about Obama and Christianity. “I think that they’ve shied away from it and I think that we are seeing the results of that. When we shy away — when we turn away from God — we do see the results of that.”

Robertson also clarified that she doesn’t want a president to ever legislate Christianity. Rather, she just wants a leader who loves and respects God.

“I don’t want anybody imposing their beliefs on me … but I do think we need to have a president [who] loves God and honors him and has the values that he tells us [are] right,” she said.

Robertson believes that the fact that Americans have turned away from God has led to a steep moral decline in this country.

“We’re all so confused about what’s right and wrong, what we value, and what we consider heroic and what we consider important,” she concluded. “And we’ve actually lost confidence in the truth and in who we are.”

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