Ted Nugent LOSES IT On Entitled ‘High School Brat’ – Liberals Call For Boycott

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Last week, we reported on Ben Fields, the police officer who was fired after video of him slamming a high school student to the ground went viral. Earlier today, it was revealed that this was a setup perpetrated by the girls in the video in an attempt to make money off race-baiting Americans.

Despite this, the video is continuing to go viral, and liberals are continuing to rally behind the students in the footage, rather than the cop. Sick of this, rock star Ted Nugent knew he had to say something…

Nugent began his rant by thanking Officer Fields for his service, saying that he did what he had to do to restrain that “defiant brat,” and that she had it coming.

“By all accounts, the brat, like so many undisciplined brats before her, simply refused to obey the rules, refused to obey the teacher, refused to obey the principal and refused to obey officer Fields,” Nugent wrote, according to Conservative Tribune. He added that she likely disobeys her parents and every other authority figure in her life.

Nugent went on to say that his own family understands that authority figures are to be respected, and that in many cases the “victim” in police brutality cases is exposed as a liar.

“But if you have been allowed to disrespect and ignore authority your entire, pathetic, unruly, undisciplined life, you have been tragically trained to be a troublemaker, and at some point you will hit a dead-end brick wall, and you will deserve it,” he wrote.

Nugent concluded by slamming the“jacked up bizzarro world” of liberals that we live in today, where government officials can break the law with no consequences, and “where criminals and enemies are celebrated while U.S. heroes are vilified, I suppose a spoiled, undisciplined brat could be made out to be innocent while a good cop can be called a perpetrator.”

Nugent could not be more right about this. Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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