Muslim Welfare Leach Milks The System To Pay For 11 Kids – His Excuse Is DISGUSTING

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Mohammed Salim is a Muslim father of eleven who says he has no shame about the fact that the government pays for his children’s needs.

Mohammed Salim and his wife Noreen, 40, live in the United Kingdom, and they receive £27,000 a year in child tax credits and job seeker’s allowance. According to Tea Party, 58 year-old Salim says he does not believe in contraception and that he has not been irresponsible by having so many children.

The Salims had their eldest child in 1991, and their children now range from 7-24 years of age. Salim, however, does not regret having so many children, proudly saying that, “it is the government who pay for their upkeep, food and clothing.”


“Having 11 children isn’t irresponsible, we don’t believe in contraception, we are following god’s first command, he said ‘go forth and multiply,'” he continued, adding that his family grocery bill is about £300 a week.

Salim and his family have been on welfare for over 10 years, and the proud Muslim laments that he can’t find a job.

“I have got qualifications and real work experience but it is the system. I have been forced onto the dole,” he said. “I am expected to do at least seven job applications a week, you are better off on the dole than working on a minimum wage. It’s a sad state of affairs I can’t get a job in the UK. I am not getting the results, people are not giving me interviews.”

Despite his freeloading status, Salim calls himself a “workaholic.”

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