These Thugs Thought It’d Be Fun To Fight On School Grounds, But Then This Cop Showed Up…

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Two teenage thugs learned a tough lesson about respecting a police officer last month when they got tasered after ignoring a cop’s orders. Now, the mother of one of the boys is complaining that her son was treated “like a dog” by police.

According to Conservative Tribune, the fight occurred on Sept. 11 at Rockdale County High School, and Tyra Davenport, 17, and Victor Ramierz, 18, will be tried as adults for their roles in the incident. Their brutal fight was caught on camera, and in the video, a voice can be heard shouting at them, “Yo! The officer right there!”

The officer yelled “Taser!” at the boys, but that’s not enough for Davenport’s mother, Shelly Norman.

“They could have at least yelled, ‘You two stop,’” Norman whined. “They shot my child down like a dog. It’s just disturbing for any parent to see they’re child just be hit like that.”

The Conyers Police Department, however, is standing by their officer.

“He (the officer) rushed up to the fight itself. He did announce ‘Taser’ before he deployed Taser,” said Kim Lucas, spokeswoman for the Conyers Police Department, according to WXIA-TV.

The officer commented that the Taser was  “the quickest and most successful way to end the fight,” since there was no backup available at the time. The department revealed that he will not be facing any disciplinary charges.

“It was determined that was the correct course of action,” Lucas said, “so there was no disciplinary action to take place.”

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