BREAKING: Four Police Officers Injured After Massive Brawl With High School Thugs

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A few months ago, Obama turned on American police officers when he blamed them for the violent race riots spreading throughout the country, instead of the race-baiting protesters themselves.

Since then, the number of attacks on U.S. cops has dramatically increased as thugs now feel that it is ok to attack police officers because “the president said they could.”

Four police officers were injured yesterday after they tried to break up a massive brawl between dozens of students at an eastern Pennsylvania high school.

According to Liveleak, Allentown police officers were responding to reports of a large group of students fighting outside William Allen High School on Thursday afternoon. About 200 teenagers were gathered outside the school for the fight.

Students reportedly turned on the officers as they tried to break up the fight, and three juveniles were arrested. Two officers suffered moderate injuries and two suffered minor injuries, and all of them were treated at a local hospital and released.

Clearly, young people have lost all respect for our nation’s police officers. If Obama doesn’t do something about this soon, chaos will DEFINITELY take over our country!

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