US Marine Gives Muslim Driver A BRUTAL Message To Send To His Terrorist Friends

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Most Americans picture a military deployment in the Middle East as a highly intense undertaking that is full of action every day. In actuality, deployments in the Middle East are often filled with lots of downtime, and our soldiers must keep a good sense of humor in order to keep their spirits up.

In this newly surfaced video, a U.S. Marine has a bit of fun at a checkpoint in Iraq. According to Conservative Tribune, the Marine asks a Muslim driver if he knows where any insurgents are. Not speaking English, the driver throws his hands up in confusion.

The Marine then responds that should the driver see any insurgents, he should tell them that his unit will be in position for the next hour if “they wanna come out and shoot at us.”

“They can come at us from any direction if they want, we don’t care. Right now we just wanna shoot at something,” the Marine calmly told the driver. “Preferably within an hour, cause we gotta go back and sleep and take showers.”

The Marine then gives the driver some advice before sending him on his way.

“Wear your seat belt, don’t run with scissors, and drink your milk. Have a nice day,” he told the Muslim.

God bless ALL our troops!

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