What Obama Just Said About Guns Will Make You SICK

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President Obama insulted the intelligence of millions of Americans on Tuesday when he claimed that he is not trying to take away people’s guns while he spoke to police chiefs in Chicago.

During his speech, he slammed conservatives and argued that they are trying to incite fear when they accuse him of gun-grabbing.

“Some of you are watching certain television stations or listening to certain radio programs, please do not believe this notion that somehow I’m out to take everyone’s guns away,” he told the International Association of Chiefs of Police, according to The Hill.

“Every time a mass shootings happens, one of the saddest ironies is suddenly the purchase of guns and ammunition jumps up because folks scared into thinking that, ‘Obama’s gonna use this as an excuse to take away our Second Amendment rights,’” he added. “Nobody’s doing that.”

“”We’re talking about common-sense measures to make criminals don’t get them, to make sure background checks work, to make sure that we’re protecting ourselves,” Obama continued.

Of course, this is a blatant lie, and the police chiefs weren’t buying what Obama was selling. The president has been doing everything he can to ban guns in America since he first entered the White House, and he’s showing no sign of slowing down now. Obama may think he’s getting one over on us, but patriotic Americans like Donald Trump see right through him.

“You know, the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away,” GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said last week during a rally in Anderson, S.C.

Nice try, Obama, but you aren’t fooling anyone!

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