BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Lose His Job – He Needs Our Help

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Obama and his minions have been trying to take down Sheriff Joe Arpaio for years now. Unfortunately, they may have finally just accomplished their goal…

According to Conservative Tribune, the 83 year-old patriot has just announced that he will be seeking reelection in Maricopa County, Arizona in 2016. However, recent polls show that a liberal campaign against him has put a major dent in Arpaio’s support.

“With Maricopa County voters split on whether America’s Toughest Sheriff deserves another four years, the data shows Sheriff Joe will have his toughest campaign ever,” MBQF Consulting pollster Michael Noble said, according to the Washington Examiner. “Republicans, Democrats, and independents are near evenly split. In addition, a small plurality of county voters say they are open to paying more for education. With most eyes focused on the presidential election next November, Arizona voters have some big choices.”

Noble’s poll says that 50% of voters in Maricopa say they would vote for Arpaio, while 49% say they would not. Needless to say, that’s cutting it a little bit close!

Arpaio won his sixth reelection back in 2012 with 51% of the vote, and he reportedly considered running for Governor before seeking reelection for next year.

Despite the poll numbers, Arpaio has two major advantages. First of all, there are no declared candidates in the race that he hasn’t beaten before. Secondly, Libertarians and Independent have taken at least 3% of the vote in every election since 2000. Sometimes, they take as much as 12% of the vote, so the 49% voting against him are likely not all voting for the Democratic candidate.

We hope that Arpaio does get reelected so that he can continue to be a thorn in Obama’s side!

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