Ted Cruz Begs Supporters To NOT Go To TedCruz.com – The Reason Why May Surprise You

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You may have noticed that GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been urging his followers to go to tedcruz.org instead of tedcruz.com, and the reason why becomes clear after you check out the latter one…

According to ZD Net, when you go to tedcruz.com, a message comes up that says “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!”


It turns out that the domain tedcruz.com has belonged to an Arizona real estate attorney named Ted Cruz since 2004, long before our Ted ran for his first public office in 2012.

At first, the Arizona Ted used his site to promote his business. However, when he realized he disagreed with most of the more famous Ted’s policies in 2014, he began using the website to promote his radical liberal views instead.

This serves as a cautionary tale. If you’re thinking about running for president someday, buy your domain name now!

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