This Is The High School Brawl Video The Mainstream Media Is Desperately Trying To Hide…

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Today, the entire country is focused on the video of a South Carolina police officer throwing a teenage girl to the ground in her classroom. However, there is another high school brawl video that came out this week that the mainstream media is desperately trying to hide…

Like the South Carolina video, this brawl also took place on Monday and the footage features a black person fighting a white person. The only difference between the videos is that this time, the perpetrator is a black man who violently attacks his white principal.

According to Western Journalism, the video opens with chaos erupting in the cafeteria of Florin High School in Sacramento. It then zooms in on Principal Don Ross, a white man who is thrown to the ground by a black student.

Three students were arrested afterwards for the major brawl.

“It was like chaos,” Florin High sophomore Marquice Wong told KCRA. “There were students everywhere fighting. I (saw) school officials getting hurt.”

Officials say the brawl stemmed from two separate fights among students that eventually erupted into one enormous battle.

Of course, the mainstream media is trying to hide this footage since the perpetrator of the fight is a black person. SHARE this story if you want Americans to see what’s REALLY going on in our schools!

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