Pole Dancer Reveals Why She Kept Performing ‘Sexy’ Routines While Pregnant

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Sara Joel is a 45 year-old pole dancer who has become famous for continuing to perform her sexy routines during all four of her pregnancies.

Now, the Long Island is speaking out to defend her actions, saying, “I love performing while pregnant.”


“It’s such an amazing feeling to be completely free while another life grows inside you,” Joel said, according to Daily Mail. “I really think it helps to bring you closer to your child.”

With the support of her husband, who is a brain surgeon, Joel has continued to perform topless pole dancing shows all over the country while pregnant.


Here’s what the dancer had to say about it:

“I think women are a lot more worried than they should be about this kind of thing. It’s perfectly safe to perform while pregnant and I of course take the relevant precautions to make sure I’m not putting my unborn child in danger.

When I was pregnant with Desmond, I danced to the Black Eyed Peas song My Humps with a disco ball glued to my stomach. I loved every minute of it, and the audience did too.

And when I was pregnant with Zachary, I pole danced right up until I gave birth. In fact, I felt ripped off when he arrived early as it meant I couldn’t do any more pregnant pole dancing.”

“‘I’m never more than five feet above the ground, so my babies have never been at risk,” she added.

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Joel went on to say that pole dancing while pregnant helped her to maintain her skinny figure.

All of this exercise really helped me to stay in shape,” she explained. “And because I enjoyed my pregnant body rather than trying to hide it away, I haven’t suffered from a drop in confidence like some moms. I’m a born performer and I am just trying to involve my babies in my passion. To me this is no different than going for a walk or doing pregnancy aquatics.”

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