When He Looked Into His Neighbors Yard, He Had No Idea He Was About to Witness This…

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A few weeks ago, Bill Tyra and his son Josh looked out the window of their home in an Anchorage, Alaska suburb to see the unthinkable: two moose battling for breeding rights right in front of their house.

“My son and I had front row seats,” said Bill, who captured the footage from behind his vehicle before fleeing for his own safety.

According to American Overlook, the moose mating season begins in the summer and peaks in the early fall. This mating season is known as the rut.

“Behaviors emerge that have been dormant for the past year as moose engage in rituals related solely to reproduction,” said the National Park Service. “Their uneventful lives quickly become hectic as bulls compete for breeding rights and cows seek out mating overtures from bulls.”

“During the rut,” the National Park Services added, “the neck muscles of bull moose expand to twice their normal size.”

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