Trump SLAMS Muslim Women and Their Burqas

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Donald Trump has never been one to hold back his opinions, and he proved that once again recently when he spoke out to slam Muslim women and their burqas.

According to GOP The Daily Dose, Trump recently said that the U.S. should stop interfering in Middle Eastern affairs because the Muslim women there, “don’t want freedom,” as evidenced by their burqas to cover their faces.

“With the women over there, they don’t have to wear the you-know-what,” Trump said referring to Muslim face-coverings. “And then I said, ‘Oh well that makes sense. That’s nice.’ Then, I saw women interviewed. They said, ‘We want to wear them. We’ve worn them for a thousand years. Why would anyone tell us?’ They want to. What the hell are we getting involved for?”

“The fact is it’s easier. You don’t have to put on make-up,” he continued. “Look how beautiful everyone looks. Wouldn’t it be easier if “mwah” (kissing sound)? Right? Wouldn’t that be easy? I tell you if I was a woman – “mwah” – I’m ready darling. Let’s go.”

Liberals have accused Trump of racism for making these comments, but others have applauded him for being blunt and telling it like it is. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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