BREAKING: New ISIS Execution Video Is Released – This Is DISGUSTING


October 26, 2015 6:41am PST

ISIS has released yet another execution video, and this is one of their most disturbing ones ever.

According to Daily Mail, the video shows a 19 year-old Syrian soldier being run over by an ISIS tank.

The footage opens with the teenage soldier, who has been identified as Fadi Ammar Zidan, being forced to confess to running over the dead bodies ISIS militants with his tank. An ISIS fighter then tells the camera that the soldier’s punishment will be to be run over by a tank himself, while he is still alive.


The young man is then run over by the tank, and the video ends with a shot of his lifeless body.

ISIS has been releasing brutal executions like this one for over a year now. If they are not stopped very soon, non-Muslims all over the world will be in BIG trouble!


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