‘The View’ Staff Nickname Rosie O’Donnell ‘The Beast’ After She Assaults Producer

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Last week, it was reported that Rosie O’Donnell is being sued by a former producer for The View after the comedian reportedly physically assaulted her.

Now, disturbing new details about Rosie’s assault have come to light.

According to Right Wing News, Rosie had to be physically restrained by a senior producer when she exploded on staff members for supposedly favoring Whoopi Goldberg. Incidents like this led to Rosie being nicknamed “The Beast” by employees of the talk show.

These allegations came to light thanks to a lawsuit filed by Emmy Award-winning producer Jennifer Shephard-Brookman, 53, who worked on The View for 14 years before she was fired after a fight with Rosie. She claims Rosie ruined her professional reputation by repeatedly falsely accusing her of leaking stories to the press, which caused her “intense emotional stress.”


In the lawsuit, Brookman states that Rosie pinned her to a chair while she screamed in her face. She was fired from the ABC show late last year after sending a “vicious” email to Rosie.

A source close to the show, however, says it was Rosie who should have been fired for the way she treated Brookman. The source says Rosie left Brookman a “nervous wreck,” and that in January the comedian, “stormed towards Jennifer and had to be physically restrained by her own staff who were dragging her away, screaming and shouting.”

According to the source, Brookman wasn’t the only target of Rosie’s wrath.

“Anyone who challenges Rosie, or says no to her and doesn’t let her be the empress, becomes a target,” the source said. “She wanted to be treated like an executive producer, without having the title.”

“All these people at The View were under the thumb of a bully. They were worried about Rosie,” the source added. “They lived in fear of ‘The Beast,’ as they would call her.”

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