She Argued With The Government – Days Later She Was Buried Alive

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When Sun Qiuying spoke out against the government in her small Chinese village, she never thought it would get her buried alive…

According to Daily Mail, the government in Fengqiu tried to have Sun buried alive after she complained about the paving on a communal path. The government staffer named Zhao Xuejie is being investigated after he had Sun covered in soil for several minutes until she fell unconscious.


She is now recovering in the hospital.

It all started when Zhao Xuejie, a security guard at the local government office, drove a motorized tricycle filled with soil down a shared alleyway with the intention of paving the path. Sun came out to stop him and a heated argument ensued.

Eventually, Sun sat down on the path in protest, and Zhao then dumped his soil on top of her in anger. She was buried under the soil for several minutes before her family could rescue her.


Doctors say Sun has swelling of the spine, but that she will make a full recovery.

Zhao has been accused of being drunk at the time, and police are currently investigating these charges. He was also arrested for driving without a license, for which he was fined $100.

Witnesses at the scene were reluctant to talk to police out of fear of offending either side of the dispute.

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