Horrifying Moment Great White Shark Chases Diver Deep In Ocean

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We must warn you that this video is extremely disturbing…

Johan Potgieter was diving in South Africa looking for reef fish with some friends when he suddenly came face to face with a great white shark. According to Daily Mail, Potgieter was diving 19 feet underwater when the shark came out of nowhere and appeared only an arm’s length away from him.

Potgieter didn’t notice the shark until it was very close to him, and his muffled scream can be heard in the terrifying footage. The diver managed to then prod the shark away with his speargun, causing it to speed away. However, the shark then makes a complete 180 u-turn and comes right for the diver again.

Thinking fast, Potgieter screamed and used his speargun to push the shark away for a second time.

“The Shark was clearly now in attack mode. I had to show some dominance back to him to avoid being bitten,” Potgieter wrote in the video description.

Shockingly enough, that was not the end of Potgieter’s ordeal.

The diver then began furiously kicking in an attempt to make it to the surface. When he made it there, he yelled to his fellow divers about the shark, then looked underwater to find the shark swimming right beneath him.

“I could not believe this shark had followed me up to the surface,” he recounted. “I have seen many great whites and never see aggressive behavior like this. All I could think was get to the boat and get the heck out of the water.”

Luckily, Potgierter and his friends were able to escape uninjured, but that was a VERY close call!

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