Muslim Terrorists Release Horrific New Video – When You See It, You’ll Know Why

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Obama constantly claims that Islam is the “religion of peace” and that Muslims are inherently peaceful people. Videos like this, however, prove that this is a blatant lie.

A disturbing new video shows a little Palestinian Muslim girl holding a knife and saying, “I want to stab a Jew.” According to Daily Mail, her proud father replies, “Allah willing, my dear.”

The video was posted online by a Jordanian-Palestinian teacher, who is believed to be the child’s father. Here is the full transcript of the video:

Girl: I want to stab a Jew.

Father: Why do you want to stab a Jew?

Girl: Because they stole our land.

Father: With what do you want to stab them?

Girl: With a knife.

Father: Oh you’re so strong. Allah willing, my dear.

This sickening footage shows that Muslim children are being indoctrinated with hate and violence from the time they are toddlers. THIS is why Muslims are so dangerous, and Obama’s Muslim “refugees” should NOT be allowed in this country!

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