Parents Revolt Over Expanded Sex Ed Curriculum In School

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An Omaha Public Schools parent meeting devolved into chaos on Tuesday night as abstinence-only advocates accused school district officials about not being honest about a new sex ed curriculum.

According to Raw Story, over 1,000 parents attended the meeting, and those opposed to the optional curriculum known as comprehensive sex education wore red stickers and let their outrage be known.

“Planned Parenthood has came in. There is a big ring here. We are fighting this on the state level as well,” parent Amber Parker told reporters.

“It’s my daughter! My daughter!” one mother can be seen screaming in the video. “Who’s going to keep her pure? Nobody! I am! Not OPS! Not OPS!”

The school district tried to tell the parents that the sex ed class was optional, but that did little to quell the anger.

“Last few years, except when we decided to change the curriculum, we really haven’t had those calls,” OPS director of human growth and development Dr. Karen Spencer-May told the press. “Parents were pretty OK with what we were doing. This is not going to be that different.”

The controversial additions to the sex ed curriculum include information about gender identities, emergency contraception and abortion. Jay Irwin, a parent who attended the meeting, claimed that an atheist was physically assaulted and a group of LGBT youths were verbally attacked.

A group of young LGBTQ people were threatened with violence by a mother and her son for being there, for not apologizing for their sexuality, and for supporting education that was respectful of their identities,” Irwin wrote. “They were called evil, sinful, and told they were going to hell. The advisor that brought them, who is also queer identified, was told that she was teaching them how to be gay and that she should be ashamed of herself. When the advisor asked that the person be respectful, that’s when the treats of violence began. She ushered her groups out to make sure they stayed safe.”

Parent Bernie Garcia waved a sign that read “Say No to Comprehensive Sex Ed.” He claimed that he heard that the course will teach children different sex positions and how to masturbate.

“That’s disgusting,” he told LiveWellNebraska. “That’s not right. Children should learn about sex when they become adults.”

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