VIDEO: This Illegal GAVE BIRTH on Plane to US… But You’ll Love What Happened Next

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Earlier this week, a “heartwarming” video went viral of a pregnant Taiwanese woman giving birth to a child on a flight from Bali to Los Angeles.

Liberals are now outraged, however, after it was revealed that the mother had been sent back to Taiwan without her child, who was given U.S. citizenship.

The mother, identified only by her surname “Jian,” gave birth to a “premature” child at 30,000 feet in the air when she was six hours and nineteen minutes into her flight in Los Angeles. When she boarded the flight, Jian said she was 32 weeks pregnant, which is the latest expectant women are permitted to travel in Taiwan.

According to Daily Mail, however, doctors found that Jian gave birth at 36 weeks.


Witnesses say that Jian refused to lay flat to give birth, and that she kept asking, “are we in America yet?” She eventually gave birth over Alaska 30 minutes before the plane made an emergency landing at the Anchorage Airport.

Jian was separated from her 13-day old child on Saturday, right after the baby was given American citizenship. The baby is currently in Alaska with a family friend, since she is still too young to fly.

Taiwan’s Transportation Minister Chen Jian-yu also told reporters that the mother will probably be liable for the plane’s emergency landing if she is found to purposely tried to give birth to her child in the U.S. He added that the plane’s emergency landing cost the airline millions of Taiwanese dollars (more than £20,000), and affected all 200 people onboard.

“Not only did you take the lives of both yourself and your child as a joke, you also took the schedules of a plane full of people as a joke – all because of your child’s American passport!” former China Airlines flight attendant Lucienne Chen wrote on Facebook.

“An entire plane had to be diverted, causing scheduling problems for all the other innocent passengers,” she added. “The crew also had to stay for the night in Alaska. Do you know the true social cost of your actions?”

Had Obama gotten his way, this mother would have likely been given American citizenship, and both she and her child would be on U.S. welfare right now. Thank GOD this did not happen!

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