Obama Just Issued Despicable Order as to ‘Not Offend’ Illegals

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Last week, illegal immigrants were given the right to vote in California. Now, Obama’s taken his agenda to help illegals even further by issuing a list of demands to American teachers telling them how to “meet the needs” of illegal aliens.

The lengthy manual was released on Tuesday, and it focuses on the rights of illegal aliens while also giving teachers “tips” on how to help them.

“Embrace and value diversity and the cultural backgrounds of all students,” reads one tip, according to Breitbart. “Teachers (and other educational personnel) who serve immigrant students should understand the cultural and educational backgrounds of their students.”

The manual goes on to instructor teachers on how to “serve” illegal aliens.

“Develop services and resources that specifically support undocumented students,” the manual demands. “Case studies of undocumented youth in higher education have highlighted lingering feelings of stigma and fear related to their status, as well as instances of discrimination on campuses.”

The manual states that around 65,000 illegal aliens graduate high school in America every year. However, it laments that only 5-10% of these immigrants go on to college.

“We know undocumented youth face unique challenges and we also know that educators and other caring adults in schools and colleges can play a major role in helping all students, including undocumented students, to achieve at the highest levels,” deputy education secretary John King said in a statement on Tuesday. “This guide provides actionable information and resources that educators and school and campus leaders can use to help improve outcomes for high school and college students.”

It’s sickening that Obama is more focused on helping illegal immigrants than on helping actual Americans. Shame on you, Mr. President!

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